About me

I started my studies in 2011 at Wrocław University of Science and Technology, the place that shaped my career for a couple of years. I have a rather strange practice to get involved in the things, that are not my strengths. Probably it was the main reason that I became a student of Physics (with later specialization in Optics). Which might sound like a joke at the beginning of High School.

In 2016 I graduated with MSc in Optical Engineering. Currently, I am Ph.D. Candidate in Physics, at the same University and a member of Singular Optics Group there. Over the years I have found science and research, very interesting. You can find more about my research and work in the sections above.  

During my studies, I tried to be active both as a researcher and student activist. I had a longtime relationship with OSA and SPIE societies, serving as an officer of both local chapters for a couple of years, which I am very proud of. Still, I try to be involved in these societies in plenty of ways. 

I believe that the most exciting part of my professional life are oral presentations, where I can show my research and their results. Maybe the reason for that is the same as for choosing my studies. Nevertheless, I take every presentation very seriously, please check my incoming talks and feel free to attend one if it is possible.

I try to be active also outside the lab, that is way most of my free time I spend on my hobbies, which consist of sport, tourism and quite recently, video editing. But here the situation is very dynamic and it is kind of typical for me to be engaged in new hobbies very rapidly. Unfortunately, my day has just 24 hours.

I usually say that I created this website mainly to keep track of all of my papers and talks, which will be accessible from every place, but the real reason behind it is that I really like networking and meeting new people. So if you are here, most probably we have met before, or maybe it is just a lucky Google shot. No matter what, if you find something interesting here or just simply want to get in touch, please do it, I will really appreciate that.