Currently, I offer talks on one of the following topics:

a) Career planning in academia – I draw parallels between a career in academia and Olympic weightlifting, revealing similar underlying principles. From laying a strong foundation and strengthening the core to executing the lift by activating key muscles, I will share practical strategies and insights for managing each stage. Although my talk primarily targets academia, many of these techniques can be adapted for success in the industry as well.

b) Fundamentals of laser beam shaping – I delve into the fundamentals of laser beam shaping through a step-by-step approach, focusing on its most practical aspects. I show how it can be implemented into daily laboratory tasks, starting with simple aberration corrections, through beam quality examination, and finally getting to advanced research tasks.

c) Current research – I share my current research regarding beam shaping and its application, each time tailoring the level of the talk to the audience. Starting from the basics and moving to new science that has been done at Singular Optics Group.

Check my upcoming and past talks below:

Note: This list contains only conference presentations. It means that seminars or outreach and related presentations aren’t shown. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t take part in such activities.

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