As an academic teacher, I collaborate with students on their thesis projects to help them pursue their diplomas at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. I do my best to fit these projects into the ongoing research of my group. If you’re interested, please check the research tab to explore what research we do and please get in touch. While these projects can be challenging, they also offer the potential for your work to contribute to a research paper.

Feel free to explore the list of recent theses below:

Academic yearStudentLevelThesisPaper
21/22Hanna DyłaBachelorInfluence of the wavefront deformation on the optical vortex trajectory*Link
21/22Przemysław LitwinBachelorDevelopment of the spatial light modulator operating platform
22/23Konrad MarkowskiBachelorData analysis development for the purpose of message-passing protocol based on optical vortices*

22/23Przemysław LitwinMasterIncreasing the capacity of the message-passing protocol based on optical vortices*

23/24Jakub WrońskiBachelorApplication of the Fredkin gate to compare series of strings
* denotes that the thesis has been defended cum laude