Academia Iuvenum’s Soft Skills Workshop Insights

Recently, as Academia Iuvenum- the cluster of the most prominent Young Scientists at Wroc Tech, we participated in the Soft Skills workshops. Through the 2 days, we learned how to manage conflicts, negotiate, and increase our assertiveness.

The workshop was led by Tomasz Janiak and the World Institute for Action Learning from the 14th to the 15th of February. This adds up to a series of efforts that we undertake to foster a more collaborative and harmonious environment within our academic circles and beyond.

These enhanced skills will undoubtedly empower us to navigate the challenges of academia and contribute positively to our professional and personal endeavors.

EurOptica’s Inaugural Report Session

It started at the Optica Student Leadership Conference in Tacoma, WA, USA, and then transitioned into the first-ever EurOptica report session. Twenty student chapter leaders met online to discuss the highlights and challenges they faced during their activities.

Optica’s European Directors Claus Roll and Yann Amoroux, my fellow Optica Ambassador Richard Zeltner, and I joined in to facilitate the discussions and share perspectives on overcoming these challenges.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this initiative evolves and continues to foster collaboration and innovation among student leaders in optics and photonics both in Europe and worldwide.

Summer Research Opportunities in Beam Shaping and Structured Light with the Singular Optics Group

I joined the next edition of Resonators founded by the Candela Foundation as a research stay host. The project aims to fund selected students to join one of the Polish research groups and pursue a short summer research stay to get hands-on experience in the lab.

If you’re interested in beam shaping and structured light, don’t hesitate to apply before the 27th of February!

The Singular Optics Group focuses on various beam-shaping techniques. We develop novel methods of beam shaping, techniques, algorithms, and whatever is needed to create the “beam tailored on purpose”. In particular, our research is devoted to those beams that carry the phase singularity – points in the optical field, where the phase is undetermined (eg optical vortices). We shape, evaluate, and search for potential applications of those fields.

Our recent projects aim to develop a new wavefront sensing technique and free space communication protocol. The student will be involved in research devoted to that matter, having the opportunity to learn novel beam shaping and evaluation techniques and pursue their research tasks regarding orbital angular momentum detection or vector field polarimetry.