Empowering Communication: The TASK Project – Shaping the Future of Wroc Tech

Polytechnica Nova is the Wroc Tech initiative that gives the Wroc Tech community the power to shape the direction of further development of the University.

Each community member has the opportunity to submit a proposal in one of three main categories. After reviewing process, final projects will go to an open-voting stage, where the community itself decides which one to fund.

Among them, there’s one I had the pleasure of consulting. The TASK project, which stands for TArgeted SKills, aims to improve communication within Wroc Tech society through microgrants oriented on soft skills. The concept is simple, to improve communication on a broader scale, we have to start from ourselves and simply be more aware that communication is a skill and can be learned. Authors do not propose a particular course or workshop, this choice is up to a person, the TASK, however, will provide a source of funding to let one train and later implement those skills.

Sounds good? As long as you’re a member of the Wroc Tech community, consider casting your vote here.